No matter what Yahoo issues are frustrating always. In case you’re waiting for an important email and what if you are Not Receiving Emails in Yahoo? Obviously irritating! In fact, Yahoo mail inbox can stop receiving mails at any time and reasons can be so many. But don’t panic. We have brought this post to help you come out of the problem. We will discuss solutions for Yahoo mail not receiving emails on different platforms like computer, android device and iPhone. 

Below are Reasons Why Yahoo is Not Receiving Emails

When you understand the issue clearly, you will get to troubleshoot the issue in a quick and effective manner. Some of the reasons are:-

  • Might be there are browser issues or inappropriate Yahoo email filters.
  • There can be blocked contacts.
  • Yahoo mail server is down.
  • Email forwarding enabled.
  • Issues with the Yahoo mail account settings. 

Fix Why Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Issues on Different Platforms

Try these troubleshooting techniques within your Yahoo mail Account. 

1. Check Yahoo mail Filters 

With filters you can keep your inbox free from spam as they automatically categorize your incoming emails. But, sometimes, they interrupt the flow of incoming emails. 

  1. Go to the filter section of your Yahoo mail settings.
  2. In case issues are happening, change the rules.
  3. Check all the filters to find where your incoming emails are going. 

2. Check Your Yahoo Spam Folder 

There can be a chance that emails are going into a spam folder instead of arriving in the inbox. If you find your important emails saved in spam, just right-click on it and move them to your inbox. 

3. Check the Reply-to Address 

With the help of this feature you can set a specific email address for recipients to reply to.  When you set a reply-to-address your incoming mails will go to that specified email account. You just need to open your settings>>mailboxes and find if the messages are directed to an email address irrespective of Yahoo mail. Your duty is to check your active reply-to address and discover if you’re missing emails. 

4. Check Blocked Contact List

Not receiving email from a particular person? Check whether you have blocked that contact. Move to the security and privacy settings on your Yahoo mail Account and check the blocked address list there. In that list, search for the contact from which you’re not receiving emails. 

5. Send a test Email to Yourself and check what is causing the Issue

Just send yourself an email and check the functioning of the mail delivery system. In case the email is not arriving into your inbox and you are getting an error code, look for the code and find the respective solution. 

Fix Yahoo Mail Receiving Errors on Computer 

1. Check Internet Connection

There is a chance that Yahoo Not Receiving Emails issue is due to glitches with the Internet connection. Check the functioning by opening any browser and do random searches to find of it works perfectly. 

2. Go and Check Yahoo Mail Server Status 

May be the reason behind Why Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails is server issue. You can visit and check for the error. 

3. Optimize Your Web Browser 

Ensure you’re using the latest version of browser and you have removed cookies, cache and history from your web browser. 

4. Check Yahoo Mail Configuration 

Enter the right set of Yahoo mail configuration settings to ditch Yahoo Not Receiving Emails issue. If you are not receiving emails, check the settings and match them as mentioned below. 

Settings in Incoming Mail POP Server 

  • Server –
  • Port- 995
  • SSL is required.

Settings in Incoming Mail IMAP Server 

  • Server –
  • Port – 993
  • SSL is required. 

Settings in Outgoing Mail SMTP Server 

  • Server –
  • Port- 465 or 587
  • SSL and TLS (if available) is required 
  • Authentication is required. 

Login Details

  • Enter your full email address.
  • Generate app password 
  • Authentication is required. 

Fix Not Receiving Emails in Yahoo on Android Now 

  • Instead of using a third-party email client app to access Yahoo mail, switch it with the Yahoo mail application. 
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Yahoo mail app.
  • Make sure about authentication type, SSL for incoming server and TLS for outgoing server.
  • In case of lost connection, try signing out and signing in again. 
  • Check the inbox limit. Remove unnecessary emails. 

Steps to Fix Why Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails on iPhone 

  • First of all, uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo mail app. In case you are using Yahoo with your iPhone’s mail app, remove your account and try to re-configure it. 
  • Login and logout from the Yahoo mail app.
  • Space is required for proper functioning. So, remove some space from your iPhone’s memory and find if this is resolved. 


The above post is a complete guide on Yahoo Not Receiving Emails on computer, android phones and iPhones. Therefore, if you’re Not Receiving Emails in Yahoo, read on to this post and try the given solutions.