Are you having activation issues with Office 365? Trying to sign in but nothing happening? Is it saying you need to activate your Account? Well, this post is a complete relief for all those who are having Office 365 Not Activating Issue. You will get to know errors, troubleshooting and in-depth steps for activation of office 365.  

Resolve the Problem Causing Office 365 Not Activating problem

Here are some effective steps that will help you come out of the activation problem in office 365. This will restore all the features of the office. 

Step 1: Try Signing in With the Right Account 

If you have purchased office 365 using a different email address, try signing in using your personal email addresses. In case you’re at work or school, instead of using your personal email Account, use your work or school account. 

Want to check if your MS Office is associated with the office or not? 

  • Sign in to services and subscriptions.
  • You will find office products or MS office 365 listed there. 

If it is not listed, your email address will not work for signing in to the office. 

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Step 2: Check for Multiple Copies of Office and Uninstall any Versions of office’s Versions You aren’t Using Before 

  • Open Control Panel First

Here are steps for various versions of the operating system. 

Windows 10 

      1. Go to the Windows 10 taskbar.
      2. Navigate type here to search box and type control panel. 
      3. Now, select the control panel in search results and then choose programs and features. 

Windows 8.1 or 8 

      1. First of all right-click on the start button, it is in the lower-left corner. 
      2. Select the control panel then and then choose programs and features.

Windows 7 

      1. Click on start.
      2. Go to the control panel.
  • And then uninstall a program. 
  • Go to the search programs and features box of programs and features and search for the word office there. 

Note: In case multiple versions appear, right-click on the version you aren’t using. And then select uninstall. 

  • When the uninstall process is finished, restart your computer.
  • Then, open an office app and sign in to it.
  • If the office won’t activate, run an online repair to fix it. 
  • If activation still doesn’t work, move on to the next step. 

Step 3: Check Your MS 365 Subscription Status 

If necessary, renew your subscription. Ensure that MS office 365 for home subscription is still active.

  • First, close all office apps.
  • Move to services and subscriptions page. 
  • Select sign in. Enter email and password that are linked with your MS 365 subscription. 
  • Finally, review the details under subscriptions heading or cancelled subscriptions heading.
  • In case your subscription has expired, renew it.
  • After renewing, restart your office apps. 

Note: In case you don’t have office 365 you can directly skip to step 4.

Step 4: Troubleshoot Office Activation 

Use troubleshooting steps based on different versions of your office – MS Office 365, Office 2019 & office 2016 and office 2013. 

Use MS Support & Recovery Assistant for MS 365 

It will help you identify issues and fix them accordingly. Here is how you can proceed. 

  • Select the download button first.
  • Choose your browser from the top-down list in order to see how to save.
  • Then start the MS support and recovery assistant.
  • When the dialog box opens, select install.
  • MS support and recovery assistant will then open in a new window. Choose I agree to accept the MS services agreement. 
  • Now, select yes. This will allow the app to make changes to your device.
  • Finally, follow the instructions to resolve the Office 365 Not Activating problem. 

Fix Licensed Product Issues by Yourself 

Utilize these wonderful tips to solve Office 365 Not Activating issues by yourself. 

  • Update office.
  • Try running office as administrator.
  • Ensure your computer’s date; time and time zone are correct.
  • Check your firewall, antivirus software and proxy settings. 

In a Nutshell 

There can be multiple causes and solutions for solving 365 activation problems. The above post is a complete guide to solve office 365 activation issues promptly. 

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