Microsoft Outlook, one of the most preferred email clients, enables users to organize their email, calendar, and files in one single app. It comes with excellent and powerful features, helping users send emails conveniently and effectively. But sometimes a number of errors arise which can plague users. Outlook Won’t Open is one of them. 

Is Found Outlook not opening frustrating? This blog is all about multiple possible reasons why outlook won’t open and quick ways to fix it. We’ll take you through some quick steps to debug and fix errors with Outlook Microsoft. By implementing these steps you’ll be able to troubleshoot issues on your own. 

Here we go……… 

Some Possible Reasons Why Outlook Won’t Open 

Reasons, why Outlook is not loading or functioning correctly are mentioned below: – 

  • Problematic, outdated, or defective add-ins.
  • A corrupted/damaged profile.
  • App updates issue.
  • Problems with the Navigation pane. 
  • Outlook PST files issues.    
  • Problems might be with Internet connectivity.
  • Problems related to app updates. 
  • Issues with the Microsoft Outlook service. 

Easy Steps to Fix Outlook Not Opening Problems 

Below we are going to discuss several simple and advanced steps to resolve Outlook Not Opening issues and get it back in a smooth running manner. Please note, once you are done with the first step, open Outlook and check if it’s working. Do the same after each step.     

1. Try Quick Fixes 

First, check your internet connection. In case the connection is working but you can’t open Outlook, you can take the help from Outlook customer service.

Either you can download and install the automated support and recovery tool. This tool works well in identifying problems and fixing them as well. You can check for updates on your system too.  Check your Outlook account on a different device or create another user account and find it works. 

Check you have the correct server settings. Try to configure Outlook using a POP3 or IMAP account. Ensure your device has the correct date time and country/region information. 

Found your account is crashing on your device? Proceed by clearing the browser’s cache, removing the Outlook app, and then reinstalling it. 

2. Make Sure to Enable Work Offline 

Open Outlook and check for the work offline status. This option will allow you to access the mail that you have saved before Outlook stopped working. 

Step to enable work offline – Go to work offline and select send/receive 

3. Update Outlook

Though Outlook installs updates automatically, you can enable/disable these updates manually. Go and check for available updates and make sure the latest is installed on your system. 

Quick Steps on How to enable automatic updates for Outlook

  • Go to the office Account and select the file there.
  • Now, select update options and then enable updates.

Steps to apply updates manually 

  • Select file first.
  • Now, go to the navigation pane and select the office account.
  • Go to update options 
  • Now, click on “update now”.

4. Ensure nothing has changed in Outlook Mail Server Settings 

  • Go to account settings.
  • The select change is followed by selecting your email.

5. Try to start Outlook in Safe Mode 

This will help you know whether the add-ins are the cause of the problem or not. 

  • Go to start>Run.
  • Type Outlook/safe. 
  • Select ok.
  • Now, accept the default setting and then select ok.
  • Then enter the password and then select Accept. 

Note: – If you find your Outlook works in safe mode, ensure to disable all your add-ons and restart the app. 

6. Create a New Profile & Make it Default 

You can create a new profile and make it the default profile for when Outlook starts. 

  • In windows, go to start.
  • Then control panel and search for mail.
  • Select it. 
  • Now, select show profiles.
  • In the mail set-up box select, add. 
  • Then enter the name for your new Outlook profile.
  • Fill in the details on the Auto Account setup page.
  • Finally, select Finish. 

7. Scan Your Data Files & Repair Errors

Use inbox repair tools like scanpst.exe to repair corrupted data files. 

8. Using Outlook on a Mac? Rebuild the Outlook Database 

Outlook Won’t Open on a Mac? Make use of Microsoft database utility to fix the issue. It will rebuild the database. 

Note: – Before you proceed to rebuild the Outlook database, ensure you have at least 20 MB of free disk space. 

  • Go to Outlook and select turn off office reminders.
  • Make sure to quit all Microsoft apps.
  • Now, close Outlook and hold down the option key.
  • Open the Microsoft database utility.
  • Select database identity and then rebuild. 
  • Restart Outlook once the rebuilding process completes.

Hope the above solutions help you solve the Outlook Won’t Open issue and get your Outlook Account running in a smooth manner. If not, leave us a comment. We’ll try to discover solutions together. 

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