Are you stuck with the Outlook search function not working? There can be a number of reasons behind Outlook Search Not Working. Since this feature is used by both private and business users to structure their messages or communicate faster, the trouble can frustrate Outlook users and they look for an immediate solution. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the way to find those issues and fix them immediately. So, read on to it and get back to using the Outlook search feature immediately.   

Scenarios Outlook search issues can include are: –

  • Outlook search returns incomplete results or even no results.
  • The search feature failed to find older emails.
  • Problems with Outlook search configuration.

Is Search Not Working in Outlook? Here is the Process to Resolve It

Are you performing a search but received no matches found/ search results may be incomplete messages? It means items are still being indexed. We are going to explain two methods of resolving this issue. These are quick and effective usually. 

1. Use Programs and Features 

When the outlook search function is not working, rebuild the Outlook index. Follow these simple steps. 

  • The first step is to type control in the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Now, select the best match to open the Control panel.
  • Now go to programs and programs & features.
  • Go down and select Microsoft office.
  • Then select change.
  • Select the quick repair or online repair option. 

When you select quick repair then repair, it will fix the outlook indexing issue without an internet connection. 

2. Make Use of Outlook Index Repair Menu Option

Just find it and use it to fix the Outlook indexing problems. Go through these steps.

  • First, open Outlook.
  • Now, select file>options >search.
  • Choose indexing options followed by Advanced.
  • At last, choose rebuild and then click OK.

When the rebuilding process completes, just restart your system. 

After proceeding with these two methods, it is recommended to double-check your Outlook indexing status. 

  • Open Outlook and select the search bar. 
  • From the menu bar, select the search tab.
  • Select search tools and check the indexing status.

3. Check Whether Outlook is on the Indexed Locations List

  • The first step is to open Outlook.
  • Go to File>options>search>indexing options.
  • Go to the indexing options panel and select modify.
  • After that Press Ok and restart your system.

4. Use the Registry to Resolve Outlook Search Issue

Make use of the registry to fix outlook search problems immediately.

  • Open the Run dialog box (Use windows key + R).
  • Type Regedit and then press enter. (Registry editor will open).
  • Now open the search menu. (Use control+F).
  • Copy and paste this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search.
  • When you find it, select the right-hand panel and then right-click and select New Dword.
  • Now, name the new Dword PreventIndexingOutlook.
  • Assign it 0. 

Now, press Ok and restart your system.

5. Repair your .PST Outlook File 

A .pst file in Outlook includes emails, contact, appointments, and notes. Did you suspect any of the .pst files were corrupted? Outlook search issues can arise because of the corrupted outlook .pst files. Use the inbox repair tool to repair .pst files. The Outlook program has built-in scan programs that can automatically repair corruptions. Find the repair tool, it is dependent on locations. Use the default windows search box or locate the file under C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office.

  • Right-click on scanpst.exe.
  • Select run as administrator.
  • Hit browse and then copy & paste your personal folder file into the address bar.
  • Now, choose a relevant account and press open, and then start.

It will take some time but fix your outlook search function not working problem. Once you find the repair was successful, restart your Outlook program.

6. Update Microsoft Office to the Latest Version

Outlook search problems can be resolved by updating Microsoft Office to the latest version. The process is, open Outlook first and then go to file > office Account. Now, go to product information and check for update options. Click on update now and wait till the process completes. 

7. Reinstall Outlook 

Though this is time-consuming, it can fix the issue. A report states that users find it as a last option to fix Outlook Search Not Working issue. To remove it, go to the control panel, select the program, and then uninstall the program. Once the uninstallation process completes, restart your computer. 

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If your Outlook search feature fails to work try the above steps promptly. This will efficiently fix things. But if you didn’t get relief, you can also seek help from Outlook customer service. They cover almost every problem of Outlook users. 

Did you succeed in fixing Outlook Search Not Working problems? Let us know what one method worked for you. Share your observations in the comment section below.