Are you experiencing ‘0x8004010f: error?  Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client preferred by a large number of people, but sometimes it happens that Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed giving’0x8004010f: error. The cause of the error can be changed in the location of the PST file, incorrect setup, or upgrade in the Outlook version. But don’t fret. Check out this post to fix the ‘0x8004010f: error occurring in your Outlook Account. 

Reasons for Outlook Data File Cannot Be Found can be 

  • Corrupt OST file.
  • Unstable internet connection or no Internet at all.
  • Changed OST file location.
  • Damaged programs files in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Corrupt Outlook profile or incorrect configuration.

Try These Reliable Methods to Resolve Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed Issue

Getting error 0x8004010f while sending/receiving emails in Outlook? Here are some effective methods to resolve Outlook data file cannot be accessed.

1. Create a New Outlook Profile and Use It 

You can fix the Outlook Data File Cannot Be Found issue by creating a new Outlook profile and use it as primary. This way you can resolve the issue with your old Outlook profile’s creation and start fresh. 

Go Through These Steps to Find the Data File Location

  • Go to the control panel on your Windows computer.
  • Now, move to the top-right corner and click the “View By” menu option.
  • Ensure to select the “Large Icons” option.
  • In order to view email settings, find and click on the “Mail” option.
  • Click on the “Show Profiles” option to view your profiles. 
  • Now, select your profiles from the list and hit “properties”.
  • To find where your file is saved, choose the “Data Files” button.
  • You’ll see a screen containing the location of the Outlook data file. Note this location. 

Follow the Steps Given Below To Create a New Outlook Profile 

Since the cause of the Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed error can be old or corrupted Outlook, replace it by creating a new Outlook profile. 

  • Find the control panel on your system.
  • View your profiles by clicking the “Show Profiles” button.
  • A screen will appear. Click Add in order to add a new profile. 
  • Find the profile Name field and enter a name to your new profile. 
  • Finally, click on Ok and save your profile. 

In order to set up your email account with Outlook, select manual setup or additional server type option from the email setup wizard and click on Next. Choose the type of your email account and hit “Next”. In case you have POP3/IMAP details, select the option and then configure your email account manually. 

  • Enter your email account details on the screen. Once done, go to the delivery section, choose Existing Outlook Data File and click on the “Browse” button. 
  • Now, go back to the Outlook data file’s path and select that file. 
  • Close the email setup wizard. 

Again, go back to your mailbox, choose the “new Outlook profile” from the “Always use this profile” menu, and hit “Ok”. This way, you set your new Outlook profile as the default. 

2. Make Changes to the Mail Delivery Location

The other method to fix the Outlook Data File Cannot Be Opened problem is to add a new data file and use it for storing emails. This way you create a fresh data file for Outlook. 

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook first. 
  • Go to the top of your screen and click on “File”.
  • Go through the options in the left sidebar and select Info there. 
  • Click on Account settings (right-hand side) and select Account settings again. 
  • You get into the email tab by default. Now, move to the Data Files tab and click the “Add” button. This will add a new data file. 
  • Choose a location to save your file. Enter name and click on “Ok”. This way, your file will get saved. 

Finally, set up your new data file as the default. Choose your newly created file and click on “set as default”. 

3. Gain Ownership of Your Outlook Data File 

In some cases, Outlook Data File Cannot Be Found issue occurs due to incorrect data file ownership permission settings. In such scenarios, you need to change the ownership permission of your Outlook. 

  • Open File Explorer and go to Outlook data file’s directory.
  • Find your Outlook data file from the saved location.
  • Now, right-click on your Outlook data file and choose Properties. 
  • Click on the Security tab and select the “Advanced” option.
  • You’ll see it saying owner to change the owner of the selected file, click on change here. 
  • A box saying Enter the object name to select will appear. Here, enter your computer username, click Check Names, and then “Ok”.
  • Make sure there is “Full control” next to your username in the Access column.
  • Click on “Ok” then.

4. Use Repair Tool to Repair Outlook – Fix ‘0x8004010f: Error

Failed in accessing data files? Utilize Microsoft repair tool to get rid of Outlook Data File Cannot Be Opened issue. 

  • Go to the settings app.
  • Choose apps then.
  • Scroll down the apps list and find Microsoft 365 or Ms. Office.
  • Click on the office entry and choose Modify there. 
  • In case you are asked permission, choose yes. 
  • Select quick repair. If it doesn’t work, choose the online repair option. 

In a Nutshell 

Sending and receiving mails is an important function of Outlook and data files play a crucial role to perform it. The above-mentioned methods will surely work well in fixing Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed problem. 

We recommend you try them and leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.