Microsoft Outlook is considered the most widely used email client due to its advanced features and simple-to-use interface. This email client is used for personal as well as professional purposes to send/receive emails in an efficient manner. However, no matter how perfect the thing is, there will be sudden Microsoft Outlook Problems that tend to halt the regular activities in outlook. This blog is all about those issues along with the recommended solutions to fix them. 

Below, we are going to list common Microsoft Outlook problems and the know-how to troubleshoot them easily.   

Microsoft Outlook Issues & Solutions to Resolve Them 

Here are common Microsoft Outlook problems and solutions. You can try them for all versions of Outlook. 

Error 1: Microsoft Outlook Not Responding

When you have corrupt add-ins, it causes Outlook to crash or return Outlook not working error. Also, sometimes installing too many add-ins tends to make Outlook slow. Email applications halt or crash because of a corrupt Outlook data file or corrupt Outlook profile. 

How to find add-ins that are causing a problem in Outlook?

The first step is to start Outlook in safe mode. You can disable suspected add-ins and then restart Outlook normally to see if the problem is resolved. If it doesn’t work, recreate your Outlook profile. 

Error 2: PST Files Corrupted 

When Outlook files get corrupted, the data in Outlook becomes unable to open. 

To fix this, you can use ScanPST.exe which is Microsoft’s built-in repair utility. Go to the Outlook installation folder, find it and run. 

Error 3: Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile 

When time passes, emails, notes, attachments in Outlook become abnormally large in size and make Outlook stuck on loading profiles because of too slow Outlook speed. 

To resolve this,

Try reducing PST file size. Remove everything that is causing PST to inflate up. 

  • Delete all the unwanted old emails.
  • Delete emails with bulky attachments. In case the attachments are important, save them to the disk.
  • Archive your emails year-wise. This way, you can save a large amount of data. 

Error 4: You’re Sending out Unwanted (Spam) Emails  

There can be Outlook Issues that your contacts inform that they’ve received spam emails from your account. In case the email’s receiver is a business associate, you might feel embarrassed after sending out inappropriate emails.   

The issue can be due to malware or hacked email accounts. If your account has been hacked, change the password to solve the problem. But if you find malware responsible for the problem, scan your entire hard disk by utilizing a premium antivirus program. 

Note: Inform your contacts that something like this has happened with your Outlook Account. 

Error 5:  Email Settings Don’t Match 

Email settings can fail to match when Outlook is installed on more than one computer. And when you download emails on both devices, inconsistency occurs. 

Below we are going to provide 2 solutions in regard to this. 

First Solution: – Use a manual method to copy the PST file from one computer to another. Copy PST manually and then restart Outlook.

Second Solution: – Use IMAP protocol. It will synchronize the mail on the server with the email in Outlook.    

Error 6: Outlook Connection Error

Incorrect IP address or invalid entry of the target machine can cause Outlook connection error. Microsoft Outlook Problems tend to occur with a specific error code such as 0x80070002, 0x8004210B, and 0x800CCC0E.

Error 7:  Fails to Access Outlook Attachments 

Sometimes Outlook blocks attachments from unknown senders to preserve the security of data. The error can occur due to unrecognized file formats, corrupt files, or suspicious attachments. 

To troubleshoot this issue, make some common configuration changes. 

Error 8:  Sending Reported Error – 0x8004210B  

This error signifies that the remote server, in which your Outlook emails are kept, failed to fetch instructions quickly. The error occurs at times users send/receive emails. Sometimes, the errors occur due to installation errors, virus intrusion, and others. 

Error 9: POP Server Timeout Error

When there are wrong timeout settings of the POP server, this error tends to pop up. Since Outlook has a predefined time span to send/receive emails when a large number of emails are sent, Outlook throws a POP server timeout error. 

Error 10:  Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

This error occurs in Outlook when there are some issues on the disk where Outlook PST is located. Cyclic redundancy check error indicates that there are bugs on your hard drive. 


We have explained the most common Microsoft Outlook problems that Outlook users face from time to time. In this post, we’ve tried to describe the bugs along with solutions in a prompt way. 

Hope the above post has helped you access Outlook smoothly. Leave us your valuable feedback in the comment section below.