Are you an Outlook user? Are you afraid you will not be available to send emails at the desired time? Well, scheduling is a way. The feature will help you to Schedule an email in Outlook and send it at the right time. 

Is scheduling new to you, or you’ve tried this tedious task but failed? The complications can occur because of Outlook’s complex features and functionalities. Through this post, our purpose is to explain easy methods of scheduling in Outlook which one can do sitting back at the comfort of his/her home. By implementing these methods successfully, you become able to hit your recipient’s inbox at a more appropriate time. 

Don’t Know How to Schedule an Email in Outlook? Easy Methods 

We are going to explain easy yet effective methods to schedule an email in Outlook. These methods will help you send emails at a later date/time instead of sending them immediately. Go through while steps carefully. 

Method of Scheduling Email in Outlook – a single Mail

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook first. 
  • Click on new mail or press control + N. This will open a new mail.
  • Go to the new mail window and click on the “options” tab.
  • Now, choose “delay delivery”.
  • You’ll see a dialog box. Now, select the specific date and time you want to send the message.
  • Hit the “close” button.
  • Compose your emails in the message box.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address and click on “Send”.

Above we’ve explained steps on How to Schedule an Email in Outlook in a single message. In case you want to review or make changes to the date and time for a message to be sent, go to “Delay Delivery” and make the changes you want. Finally, click close. 

Note: – The scheduled messages are always available in the Outlook Outbox folder. 

Want to Remove the Delay? Here are steps to remove the delay and send emails quickly. 

Steps to Remove the Delay Delivery 

Below we’ve mentioned steps to remove the delay and send emails immediately. 

  • Open Outlook and go to the Outbox folder. 
  • Now, click on one of the scheduled emails.
  • When a new window opens, choose the “options” tab there.
  • In the more options, you can find delayed delivery. Click on it.  
  • Finally, click on the Send button to send messages quickly. 

Now, go and check your outlook Outbox. If the message is not available in your Outbox, there is a chance it is on the way to your recipient’s email address. 

Methods to Delay the Sending of all Emails in Outlook 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you delay/ Schedule Outlook Emails all outgoing emails 

  • Launch Outlook and click on the File tab.
  • Go to the info section under the File tab and click Manage & Alerts. It can be found next to Rules and Alerts.
  • When a dialog box appears, choose the Email rules tab.
  • Click on New Rule then. 
  • When a Rules Wizard pops up. Go to start from a blank rule section and select “Apply Rule on messages I send” under it.
  • Hit Next.
  • Now, you’ll see a new properties window.
  • Go to the select conditions list and click on the checkboxes on which you want to apply to outgoing mails. In case you want to defer all Outgoing emails, empty all the checkboxes.
  • Then click “Next”.

In case you failed to select any of the checkboxes, click “Yes” on the new window. This way the rule for each outgoing message will get applied. 

  • Find select action list.
  • Now proceed further by selecting the checkbox “defer delivery by a number of minutes”.
  • Find the box at the bottom and click on a number. 
  • When the dialog box appears, select minutes. The maximum delay time is 120 minutes.   
  • Now, select “Next” 
  • In case you want to add any exceptions to the rule, select them and hit “Next”.
  • Go to the rule description box and give your email rule an appropriate name.
  • Then, check turn on this rule checkbox 
  • Finally, click “Finish”.
  • Click on Apply and hit ok to close the wizard. 

The above steps will act as a major solution on How to Schedule an Email in Outlook. All these delayed messages can be found in your Outlook Outbox. 

But what if there is an internet connectivity issue at the delivery time? What happens to Schedule Outlook Emails? In such a situation, Outlook tries to deliver the messages at the specified time but fails giving an Outlook send/receive progress error. However, when the connection gets restored, Outlook sends the message. In case Outlook is set to work in offline mode at the delayed delivery time, Outlook will automatically send the message as soon as it starts working. 

Final Note 

Microsoft Outlook comes with amazing features to Schedule Outlook Email single as well as all outgoing emails. With it, you can schedule for whatever time you want your mails to hit the recipient’s inbox rather than send immediately.

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