Microsoft Outlook is used to manage emails, contacts, organize calendar, to keep notes, schedule tasks and do a lot more. One thing to note is all the Outlook information gets stored in the PST file and the original copy of the PST file resides on our system drive. Since the original copy is available on system drive, chances are that it may get corrupted easily leading to loss of data and inaccessibility of Outlook profile. But, you need not to fret. Corrupted PST files make users to fail to access their emails, contacts, notes and calendar. In this post we will learn effortless ways to Repair Outlook PST Files and make its accessibility smooth. 

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Reasons Behind PST File Corruption 

  • You close or terminate the Outlook application abruptly.
  • Data integrity problems often occur due to oversized PST files. Therefore, you should always keep in mind to keep your PST file size in control.
  • Sometimes, virus infection makes the PST file inaccessible. 
  • Outlook up-gradation improperly done. 
  • OS up-gradation or OS reinstallation can cause corruption or inaccessibility of the PST files. 

Repair Outlook PST files By Using Inbox Repair Tool 

Outlook repair tool can be found within the MS office installation folder on your computer. Get to it, launch it and select the damaged PST file you want to repair. 

Note: This tool creates a backup of the damaged PST file. It is recommended to select it, you might need a copy to retrieve mission data later. 

  • First of all, exit MS Outlook.
  • Open File explorer and use, navigate through the folders based on windows’ versions. 

Windows 64 bit 

Local Disk (C☺ > Program Files > Microsoft Office > root > Office16

Windows 32-bit

Local Disk (C☺ > Program Files (x86)> Microsoft Office > root > Office16

These apply to Outlook 2016, 2019 and Outlook 365 versions. 

  • Now, locate the file labeled SCANPST and run it as an administrator.
  • Make use of the Browse button to select the Outlook PST file you want to repair. 

Don’t know the location of your PST file? Follow these steps.

Open Windows Search by pressing Windows+S 

Search for it by name and make sure to include the .PST extension.

This way you will get to see the file location within the search results. 


Open Outlook.

Go to File > Account Settings > Data Files. This way you can see the PST file’s location.

Ensure to close the application after implementing the above steps.   

  • Choose Start then. The inbox repair tool will take some in checking the PST file for issues. 
  • Now, find the radio button. It is next to “Make backup of scanned files before repairing”.
  • Select repair then.
  • Finally, click on OK to finish the repairing process. 

You can find the copy of the corrupted PST file with extension .BAK in the same location as the repaired original.

How to Recover Lost Or Found PST Files 

In case the inbox repair tool fails to place any repaired items in original folders or locations, the toll will place them into a lost and found folder or a set of folders under the recovered personal folders label. 

All you need is to create a new PST file in Outlook and move the data from lost and found or recovered personal folders into it. 

  • Launch Outlook and open the Home tab.
  • Move to new mail and open the menu next to it.
  • Point to more items then.
  • Select Outlook data file. 
  • Pick Outlook Data File option and choose “Ok”.
  • Give your new PST file a location, enter a name and then click on “OK”.
  • Select More items and select Folders. This will switch Outlook sidebar to Folder list view. 
  • Now, drag the items present in lost and found or recovered personal folders and move it to the new data file. 

Once done, you can remove the lost and found or recovered personal folders from Outlook. 

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Steps to Recover Additional Items from PST 

  • First of all, copy the corrupted PST file backup to your desktop.
  • Change .BAK extension to .PST extension. 
  • Go to the file menu in Outlook and Open it.
  • Select open & export > Import/export then.
  • Choose Import from another program or file and choose Next then.
  • Select .PST file and choose Next.
  • Now, choose browse and select the backup copy of the corrupted PST file. 
  • Choose Do not import duplicates and click Next then.
  • Check the box next to include subfolders, choose import folders into the same folder and pick the data file that you want to import the items into. 
  • Finally, hit Finish. 


Inbox repair tool works great in solving How to Repair Outlook PST files problem. But in case it fails, you can utilize a third-party program to retrieve your data. 

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