Outlook users might have experienced that Outlook takes much time to refresh inbox when compared to other email clients. Outlook usually updates its inbox at times new mail arrives. In case you want to keep your Outlook inbox up-to-date all the time all you need is to learn How to Refresh Outlook. Don’t worry. In this post, I am going to discuss easy and effortless techniques to update your Outlook. By implementing this, your Outlook inbox will get upgraded at every small interval of time. 

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Refresh Outlook Automatically & Manually

Let’s learn automatic and manual refresh of Outlook to keep Outlook up-to-date always. We will talk about both automatic and manual methods. 

Steps to Modify Auto Refresh Outlook 

  • The first step is to launch Microsoft Outlook Account. 
  • Now, click on the send/receive tab.
  • After clicking on Send/receive groups, find the dropdown list and choose Define Send/Receive Groups.
  • You’ll see a send/receive group dialog box. 
  • Now, go under all accounts and check the schedule of an Automatic Send/receive every…minute.
  • This option allows you to modify your auto-update/refresh Outlook every………..minute. 
  • At last, close the dialog box.

These steps are quick solutions on How to refresh outlook automatically. Upon implementation of the above steps, your Microsoft Outlook will get refreshed or updated; there will be no change to the inflow of emails. You can change the minute as per your needs and desire. The Outlook mailbox will automatically refresh within each minute that you have been assigned. 

Increase Outlook Inbox Refresh Speed

You can fix the individual refresh speed of your inbox. 

Go under the send/receive groups panel, where you’ll find “putting for category all accounts”. After this, fix the schedule by putting an automatic value for the necessary refresh frequency. 

How to Auto-Refresh Outlook Calendar

Follow the steps given below to update your calendar automatically 

  • Go to Send/Receive groups.
  • Then, click on the edit button.
  • Move towards the left and ensure to mark your Outlook Account.
  • Go below the Folder options and mark the calendar folder. 
  • Click on “Apply” then.

To auto-refresh the contacts list in Outlook, same as the section we’ve provided above, make sure the contacts folder in Outlook is ready for automatic synchronization.

Steps on How to Refresh Outlook Manually

Most probably, I expect that you’re searching for a refresh button that allows you to refresh your Outlook inbox with a click. To refresh your inbox in Outlook.com, go through the steps given below.

  • Click on the refresh button which is a rounded arrow.

It can be found in “Folders” which is on the left side of the mailbox webpage. 

Add an Email Address for the Safe Sender’s Checklist

Go to Outlook.com and More email setting display screen. Go below preventing crap electronic mail, hit on safe & blocked senders.    

Above all, you have learned the steps on How to Refresh Outlook Manually and automatically. 

Refresh Outlook Constantly

Ensure your contact folders are marked for auto-sync and then you can refresh your email box constantly. 

Steps Involved in Refreshing Outlook Mail Inbox Forcefully 

Opened the office and checked your email, but didn’t find any? Below we are going to mention steps to update Outlook inbox forcefully. 

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook first.
  • Click on the send/receive tab.
  • Click on the update folder button. This will update the folder.
  • When you click on the update folder option, a small box with a progress box will appear.

This will force you to update the folder. Once the process completes, all the emails will appear in the inbox. 

Are you experiencing technical glitches in automatically or manually refreshing your Outlook inbox? You can take help from the support center. 

And yeah! If you have any confusion or issue regarding How to Refresh Outlook Automatically or manually, don’t forget to leave us a comment. You can also put your queries in the comment section below.