Microsoft Outlook comes with the poll function feature which is a very good way to get other’s opinions. With this in-built feature, you get the chance to gauge the opinion of your friends, family, and co-workers in an efficient manner. Moreover, it is more than easier to Create a Poll in Outlook than you’d expect. In this post, we’ll guide you throughout the entire process. 

Poll Feature in Microsoft Outlook

The built-in poll feature is powered by Microsoft Forms for both the Outlook client and Outlook online. Please note, it is available for office 365 and MS 365; those who are using Outlook 2016 or 2019 version cannot find this feature. 

Here is how a poll works?

A poll doesn’t necessarily require Microsoft, Office 365, or MS 365 account. To access this feature what all require is just a web browser and an Internet connection. Winning over the old voting options, it has come with a complete solution. 

Let’s Learn How to Create a Poll in the MS Outlook 

First, we’ll talk about an easy way of adding a poll in the MS Outlook desktop client and then in Microsoft Outlook online. 

Methods to Add a Poll in the Microsoft Outlook Desktop Client 

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook application first. 
  • Move to a new mail and click on Insert > Poll.
  • You’ll get to see a panel on the right-hand side of the email.
  • Now, enter your question and possible answers. 
  • Once the poll is complete, hit on the “Insert poll into email button”.

Note:- You are allowed to ask only one question in an email, however, you hold the permission to allow for multiple answers.   

The body of the email includes the link to the poll. When the email gets sent to your recipients, they can click the link and answer the poll question. You’ll automatically get into CC and therefore don’t forget to vote. 

How to Add a Poll in MS Outlook Online 

  • Browse Outlook’s website first.
  • Enter into new mail and click the three-dot menu. It is at the bottom of the poll. 
  • Choose poll then.
  • A panel will appear on the right-hand side of the email. Enter your questions and possible answers there. 
  • Once the poll is complete, hit on the Insert poll into email button”.

The subject line in email can change and you’ll see a link to the pull will be put in the email’s body. 

Above, we’ve discussed easy ways to Create a Poll in Outlook, in both MS Outlook online and MS Outlook desktop client. 

Have a Glance at the “Look of the Pool” 

When you send the link, the recipients of the email will see a Microsoft Forms response page. There will be your question included on this page. 

  • If you’re sending the poll to people within your organization, the forms will automatically fetch and fill in the email address. If not, you can fill email address. 
  • When you move to the bottom of the poll, you’ll see the “view-results” option.
  • To see the results of the poll, the recipient is needed to click on this button. 

Please, note the recipient is not able to see who voted for what, only the person who sent out the poll can do that. 

Way to View the Full Voting Results 

When we Create a Poll in Outlook, a poll gets added to an email, for no matter, it is an MS Outlook Desktop client or MS Outlook online. If you want to view the results, you just need to open Microsoft Forms and then search the poll you created. 

  • Click on the poll.
  • Once the poll opens, select the Responses tab there. 
  • Now, you get two options to choose from, one is to click on “view results” to see how each person voted or choose “open in excel”, the latter one will export the results to a spreadsheet. 

Conclusion:- Microsoft Outlook is a widely used application. The feature “Create a Poll in Outlook” can help you speed up the planning process when you get into chaos. Hope the steps explained above will help you create a poll and send a new message. 

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