Emails are important and it is obvious you don’t want to lose even a single email. Lost your important emails mistakenly? Don’t worry backup is the solution. In this post, I am going to discuss a step-by-step method on How to Backup Emails from Outlook. You’re suggested to read on to this post and follow the instructions carefully. 

Export and Backup Outlook Emails in an Easy Way

Both MS Outlook and MS exchange make use of PST files to store calendars, email addresses, contacts, and calendars. You can use the static PST file as a backup to store information. The thing is Outlook will access it even offline. Steps to Backup Outlook Emails onto a .pst file. 

  • First, launch Outlook on your computer.
  • Click on File then.
  • Move to the menu and choose Open & Export.
  • Now, hit on the Import/Export button.
  • You’ll get returned to the main Outlook screen. Now, you get to see the Import/Export guide for the export process. 
  • When the wizard opens, choose the “Export to a file option from the list”.
  • Hit on “Next”.
  • When you’re prompted to choose a file type, click on “Next”.
  • Now, select the folders to export. Choose your email account to export all the folders i.e. contacts and calendars.
  • Finally, click on “next”.
  • Choose the address path where the backup file is saved in.

Please remember the path so that you can access it later. 

  • By default, the file is backup.pst, though you can change the name of the file. 
  • In case you have decided to save the backup file in the default path, choose whether you want duplicate items. 

In order to change the folder selection, you can even go back using the back button. 

  • Now, click on “Press” to begin exporting. 
  • Create a password. However, you don’t need to enter a password.   
  • The extracted file can be found in the location specified for the file path.
  • You can now move or copy this extracted file elsewhere.  

Access Exported Outlook Email Effortlessly 

Above, we’ve explained the method to export files. But you might get confused about how to access those files later. Below we are going to mention all that you need to do.

  • Search your backup file and note file path as well as location.
  • Then Open Outlook.
  • Go to File, click on it and Hit Open and Export.
  • Go to the right side of the menu and choose “open Outlook data file”.
  • When File Explorer opens, find the backup file, click on it and then choose “open”.
  • Doing so, you’ll move to the main Outlook screen. 
  • Go to the navigation menu and scroll down to find “Outlook Data”. (The category, Outlook data includes items retrieved from the backup file).
  • Drag and drop emails to move them to other files. 

After proceeding with the above steps, you gain access to your Backup Outlook Emails. 

Methods to Save a Single Outlook Email 

Here are few quick solutions to save a single email in Outlook. 

First Technique – Save email directly to a folder 

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Then open File Explorer and move to where you want to save the email. 
  • Now, drag the email which you want to save from Outlook to the folder.

You’ll see Outlook has automatically stored the email in a format – Outlook item. In order to open the file in Outlook, double-click on saved email.

Second Technique – Save as TXT or HTML 

  • First, open the email you want to save in Outlook.
  • Choose File and then go to save as.
  • When the File Explorer pops up, choose the path where you want to store the email. Hit on the array that says “save as type”. If you want to restore “text-only” choose a .txt format and for a .html file, choose HTML to save the file. 

When the files get saved, you can access them with a text editor – Notepad if it is .txt or browser in case it is .html. 

Note: – For attachments ensure to download files, rename them and save them for later access. 

Third Technique – Use Screen Capture to Save Image 

This technique will save your email contents as an image. You can either use a snipping tool or the print screen button on your keyboard, or then paste the image in paint to save it. 

For Mac 

  • Open the integrated screen capture, use Ctrl + command + 4 shortcut.
  • Now, cover the area over the email by dragging the selection crosshair. 

Method to Export All Email Addresses in Outlook 

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Select File and choose Open.
  • Select import/export. 
  • Move to Import/Export wizard and click on save as a file.
  • When you’re prompted to choose a file type, select .CSV.
  • Select the contacts under your account.
  • Verify the file path. You can change it or name the file you want. 

Save Multiple Outlook Emails to My computer 

Learn to save multiple emails at a time. Here are the quick steps. 

  • First, open Outlook.
  • Now, select those emails that you want to save. Hold Ctrl, click on mails, and select them. You can select one at a time. Or you can hold a shift and select a batch of emails. 
  • Move to the file and click on save as.
  • Choose the folder you want to save in, give it a name and choose “Text Only” to save in. 

This way, your all Outlook emails get saved in a single .txt file. 

Final Words 

Use the above methods on How To Backup Outlook Emails and Save yourself from the headache of lost files. The backup and restore will help you get access to lost emails. 

It is always suggested to backup emails regularly. And yeah! Was this post helpful for you? Tell us in the comment section.