It is obvious no one wants to lose their important emails. But there are times when the mail account gets compromised and messages could be lost. This is where a good Gmail backup proves to be beneficial. Don’t know How to Backup Gmail Emails? There are several ways to do so. Here, we are suggesting some of the best methods for backing up Gmail email data. 

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Why is Backup of Gmail Emails Important?  

Backup becomes essential when a user wants to migrate their data into another email client and doesn’t want any kind of data loss. Other reasons can be data security. If you’re a Gmail user and accidentally deleted an important email, then what to do. Back up is a solution. Backing up all the data in advance will secure all the important data at times of virus attack or hacking. When you have up-to-date Gmail backups you can restore your lost emails when something happens to your Gmail Account. 

Guidance on How to Backup Gmail Emails

Below, we’ll explain the way to use the Google backup utility (Google takeout) to back up your Gmail. 

1. Use Google Takeout to Create a Backup of Gmail Emails  

It creates a copy of the entire Google Account along with the Gmail data.  Here is how you can use Google takeout to create a backup of Gmail emails. 

  • Type in your browser’s address field.
  • In case you’re not signed into your Account, sign in before you use the utility.
  • Now, scroll down to view the list of data you can backup with the Google backup utility.
  • Find the Gmail slider and slide it. Clicking on the down arrow to the left of the Gmail slider, the screen expands and you can refine which parts of Gmail you want to back up. 

Now, select from the following options. 

  • When you include all your email, click the toggle next to it. It will back up Gmail.
  • And the other option is find select labels and click the toggle button next to it. It will bring up a screen that allows you to choose which labels/folders you want to back up. 

Once done with the select options, click on the Next button. You’ll see a customized archive format screen which displays file type, archive size and delivery method.  

When you’re done with the archive format options selection, click on the create archive button. 

  • At last, follow the instructions in the email to access your Gmail archive. 

2. Create a Backup By Using Desktop Clients

Back up your Gmail email using a desktop client like MS Outlook, Thunderbird or apple mail. When you set up your desktop client, you become able to retrieve messages from Gmail onto your computer through IMAP protocol. Here are the processes. 

Turn on Your IMAP Access 

  • First of all go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP to ensure IMAP is turned on. 
  • Incase IMAP isn’t enabled, click on the Enable IMAP button. 
  • Change the security settings in your Google Account to give your desktop email client access to your Gmail Account. 
  • Begin by clicking on Now, you’ll see My Account screen. 
  • Choose Apps with account access.
  • When the sign-in and security screen appears, scroll it to the Allow less secure apps option.

Now, slide the toggle to the right to let the desktop email client access your Gmail Account. 

Add Gmail Account to Your Desktop Email Client 

  • Click on File for Microsoft Outlook. 
  • At times you see the Account information screen, click on the “Add Account” button. 
  • Now, enter your Gmail Account and password to add to Outlook. Enter all the information and click on the connect button. 
  • Finally, click on the OK button. This will connect your Gmail Account to a desktop Account. 

This way, you will be able to access your Gmail messages through Outlook.   

Note:  When you delete a message from Gmail Account, it will get deleted from Outlook inbox too. 

3. Use Third-party Backup Utility to Back up Gmail Messages 

You have 4 options available to back up your Gmail messages. 

Systools:- It includes varieties of backup utilities and data recovery services. Also, you can apply a filter to choose which messages you want to back up. 

Spinbackup:- It comes with cloud-based backup and cyber-security features in a single package. 

GMVault:- With the help of this open source app, you can schedule backups to run automatically. You just need to learn a few simple commands and you’re all set to move email from one account to another.

Upsafe:- Want to know How to Backup Gmail Emails? Utilizing Upsafe, you can quickly backup your Gmail files on your hard drive. Please remember, you need to backup your Gmail account on a regular basis.

Since, emails are important, you need to make Gmail backups a part of your workflow. We have mentioned some best practices below. 

  • Keep your account security at utmost level. Use strong Gmail passwords. 
  • Backup your messages regularly. You can use manual methods.
  • Keep reviewing your backup files from time to time. 
  • Ensure you have enough backup storage space. 

In a Nutshell 

Above all, we have provided efficient ways on how to back up Gmail emails. You can implement these steps and safe yourself from the risk of losing valuable emails. 

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