Outlook is a great program used to manage, send/receive emails efficiently. However, Outlook users tend to report several problems while receiving emails. This can cause a lot of frustration, but do not bother. This guide will give you what can cause this issue and a step-by-step approach to fix Outlook not receiving Emails issues. Follow them carefully. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 

  • Why is Outlook failing to receive emails?
  • Steps taken to fix Outlook not receiving emails problem.

Steps to Fix “Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send” Issue

Since there can be various reasons for not receiving emails in Outlook inbox, there are different approaches to the different causes. Below we are going to mention the reasons as well as solutions to get relief accordingly. 

Reasons Why “Outlook not receiving Emails but Can Send” Issue occurring?

  • Network connection problems in the system.
  • The firewall might be stopping the mails from coming into Outlook inbox.
  • Emails are not properly synchronized with Outlook.
  • Wrong username, password, or configuration details.
  • Mails may get stored in the spam folder.
  • Email client unavailable or Outlook server is down.
  • An outlook plug-in or malware is responsible for the problem.

Approach 1: Check Outlook Spam Folder  

The spam filtering option in outlook sends junk/suspicious emails to the Outlook spam folder. In case Outlook marked any email as a legitimate message, it can be found in the spam folder. We advise you to instruct Outlook not to mark emails from that sender as spam further. 

To do this, go through the steps mentioned below: –

  • First of all, open Outlook. 
  • You’ll see the spam option in the left sidebar.
  • Once you find the expected emails, right-click on it and choose junk, followed by not junk.
  • Outlook will ask you if you want to trust emails sent from that sender. In case you want, click on the Ok button.

Note: – If you find dangerous emails in the spam folder, don’t hesitate to report spam and fraud emails. 

Approach 2: Change the Email Sorting Option in Outlook 

Outlook provides various options to sort your emails. If the sorting options are configured in a way that most recent emails are not shown at the top, this may seem like you aren’t receiving any emails at all. Follow these steps to change the email sorting option in Outlook. 

  • Open Outlook first and go to the inbox.
  • Then click on sort by text and choose the date option.
  • Go to the bottom of the menu and select newest on top. 

Approach 3: Check System’s Internet Connection and Outlook Service

Internet connection might be responsible for Outlook not receiving Emails issues. It is a good idea to restart your computer and ensure it has a stable Internet connection. Check outlook service status. In case it is marked red, Outlook is not available currently. 

Approach 4: Ensure to Disable Offline Mode 

Work offline mode in Outlook allows the server to disconnect when you receive new emails. Therefore, there is a chance that you’re not receiving emails in your inbox because of the work offline mode turned on. Here are quick steps to disable the offline mode in Outlook.

  • Launch Outlook first.
  • Click on send/receive at the top.
  • Now go to the preferences section and click on the work offline option.

Wait a few minutes and Outlook will fetch new emails for you. 

Approach 5:  Check the Sender is Not in Your Block List 

From the blocked senders, you will not be able to receive emails. To remove the blocked sender from the list, perform the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Go to the home tab (it is at the top) and select junk then.
  • Select junk email options then.
  • Click on the blocked sender’s tab and view the list of senders you’ve blocked in Outlook.
  • If you want to unblock the sender, click on their name and select remove.

This way you are all set up to receive the emails from that sender. 

Approach 6: – Check Rules In Outlook 

In case you have a rule that works with your received emails, there is a chance that your emails disappear from the inbox. In order to fix the issue, you need to disable it. 

  • Go to the top of your Outlook window and click File.
  • Choose manage rules and alerts on the info tab.
  • Go to the Email Rules section and find the rule that you have modified for your incoming emails.
  • Once you untick it, rules will get disabled and emails will appear in the inbox. 

Approach 7: – Delete Outlook Cache 

Outlook cache files can sometimes be the reason why you fail to receive emails in Outlook. To resolve the issue, try to clear the cache and see if it worked. Also, note, it will not delete any of your Outlook emails or attachments. 

  • Run dialog box. (open Win+R)
  • Type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and click enter.
  • Once a file explorer window opens, you’ll see the RoamCache folder.
  • Open this folder. Select all files and click delete. 

Once your issue gets resolved, delete these files from the recycle bin too. This will save space. 

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Final Note

Hope the above methods worked for you and your Outlook email account is all set up to grab new mails in your inbox. If you have any other approach, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.