Like nothing is crystal perfect, Outlook also throws errors which can frustrate users. Sometimes Outlook users come across errors such as Outlook Cannot Connect to Server preventing them from sending/receiving emails. If you’re the one annoyed with this critical issue, read this post. We will discuss all the possible ways to fix it right away. 

Give a try on these valuable tricks and check if the problems get resolved. So, let’s jump into it. 

Issues, why Outlook Cannot Connect to Server can be: –

  • Outdated Outlook application.
  • Bad or faults in Internet connection.
  • Corrupted Account or data file.
  • Work offline enabled. 

Above we have just listed some of the possible reasons why outlook fails to connect to the server. But the major point is to fix them. Don’t worry. We are going to explain it too. 

Important Guides to Solve Outlook Cannot Connect to Server Problems 

Implement these guidelines to resolve the server connectivity issue with the Outlook email client.  

1. Close Outlook and Restart It

The first thing to do is restart your Outlook and system as well. This will flush out entire processes and solve many related issues. 

2. Ensure Your Credentials are Correct

There are chances you could have entered the wrong username, password. So first, check if your credentials are right. To do this, implement these short steps.

  • First Open Outlook.
  • Now, go to File > Info > Account & Social Network Settings > Account Settings.
  • Go to the Email tab and click on Account. You’ll see the remove icon, click on it to remove the account.
  • Then, navigate to the home page by entering the right credentials 

Note: – Double-check spelling, white spaces, and characters.

Now, check if the Outlook Not Connecting to Server issue is resolved. 

3. Verify Whether Outlook is Online 

In the offline mode, Outlook can’t connect to the server. Therefore, it becomes important to check if your Outlook is Online. 

  • First, open Outlook.
  • Now, go to the send/receive tab.
  • To reconnect, select the work offline option.

Once you’re done, check whether the issue is fixed. 

4. Try Repairing the Office Install

Here is a quick guide to repair the office install in order to solve Outlook Cannot Connect to Server problem. 

  • First, open the control panel.
  • Then go to the “programs and features” menu.
  • Click to select Microsoft Office installation.
  • Now, right-click and select “change”.
  • Select Repair from the resulting window.
  • Click “Continue” and allow the repair to complete.
  • Once the process completes, reboot your computer.

When these steps are complete, open Outlook and see whether the issue is resolved. 

5. Recreate Your Outlook Profile 

If none of the above solutions work, recreate your profile. We suggest you create a new profile without deleting your previous one. Follow the steps mentioned below: –

  • First, open the control panel and then mail.
  • Now, click show profiles and Add.
  • Give a specific name to your profile.
  • Go to the Outlook account setup wizard. 

Now, you can set this profile as the default or delete the old one. 

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Final Words 

Hope the above solutions proved helpful for you. 

However, if none of the solutions for Outlook Cannot Connect to Server works get in touch with the Outlook email support team. They are available all the time to help troubled users. Since they have in-depth knowledge in the allied domain; they can find easy and quick tricks to resolve your issues. Moreover, services are provided at the doorstep. 

And yeah, don’t forget to comment which one of the above solutions have worked for you. Leave the comments below.