Hotmail offers its users an efficient and reliable way to communicate personally as well as professionally. As a Hotmail user you get to avail many features such as secured account, sending/receiving emails at a high speed, account recovery and a lot more. However, there comes times when Hotmail not working issues occur and the important piece of work tends to hamper. With this guide, you need not to fear. We have tried to mention an easy solution to get your Hotmail email working again. 

Why Your Hotmail Account isn’t Working?

Hotmail accounts sometimes don’t work and users fail to send/receive emails.  The issue can be frustrating and users often wander in search of a quick fix. Below we have listed some possible reasons behind Hotmail not working, go through them and find the one which is responsible for your issue. 

  • Server down or unstable Internet connection.
  • Viruses or improper configuration.
  • Cache and cookies.
  • Outdated version or other errors. 
  • Hotmail accounts may get hacked.

Is Hotmail Not Working? Learn How to Unblock Hotmail Account 

Hotmail stopped working on chrome? Are you receiving undesired errors? Try to fix Hotmail not working problem with the help of straightforward instructions mentioned below. 

  • First of all, go to Microsoft Live.
  • Type in your blocked account’s email address and password.
  • Enter the characters shown on the screen and choose “Next”.
  • Now, enter the code. (You will receive the code as per your selected verification option).   
  • Then you need to change your password. Ensure to create it unique, strong to keep your account secure. 

Reasons Why You are having Hotmail Login/sign-in Issue 

Here are reasons causing issues to your Hotmail Account. Go through these reasons and learn the right step to resolve the issue. 

  1. Outdated browser.
  2. Device having compatibility issue with Hotmail.
  3. Incompatible browser.
  4. Too many caches and cookies stored in your browser.
  5. Suspended/temporarily blocked email Account.
  6. There is a chance your account security has been compromised.
  7. Antivirus/third-party app interfering with
  8. Unstable/improper internet connection. 

Solutions While Having Hotmail not working Issue on Chrome 

To fix the issue, you need to perform some easy yet effective resolutions. We have mentioned them all. 

Solution 1:  Make Sure to Clear your Browser’s Caches  

First open your browser and click on the menu. It is in the top-right corner. Now, move next by clicking on the more tools tab and select clear browsing data. Enter the time interval and ensure to check all boxes. Finally, click on the Clear Data tab. 

Solution 2: Update Your Browser 

Hotmail Not Working issues can occur due to outdated browsers. To make Hotmail work properly, update your browser. The updated version can fix various technical problems to a great extent. You can refresh by moving to settings and check the most advanced update there. 

Solution 3:  Connect Using Https 

  • Visit first. 
  • Click Agree on connect with HTTPS.
  • Choose to use HTTPS automatically.
  • Finally, Click on the save. 


With the help of the above guide, I hope you have succeeded in overcoming the Hotmail Not Working issue. Leave us a comment if the above remedy proved beneficial. Moreover, you can share it with your friends to help them out.