Are you running into storage issues on your Gmail Account? Don’t bother. It’s very common. We see a lot of Gmail users running into storage issues on their Account. They used to receive a notification which states the storage of Gmail is full and you need to Free up Space in Gmail. In Gmail, users get a total of 15 GB storage and that is absolutely free. This includes the storage for drive files, emails, WhatsApp backups and a lot others. 

When this limit exceeds, Gmail throws an error message “Gmail quota exceeded” making you unable to send/receive emails. 

If your Gmail Account is running out of storage, this post is for you. Here, you will find handy solutions to solve the storage full issue and manage your emails in a better way. 

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How You can Analyze the Storage Space 

  • Go to the Drive storage page first.
  • Select view details there. 
  • You will get to see the total storage and used storage there. 

This way, you will come to know which service is using the larger part of your Gmail storage. You can then easily free up space from that service. 

Fix Gmail Storage Full Issue and Make Space 

In case you are receiving an error message in regard to the storage, all you need is to find solutions on how to free Up Space in Gmail. Below we are going to discuss easy solutions to fix the problem. 

Solution 1: Clean your Google Drive & Photos 

15 GB storage offered by Gmail is shared among various Google services. When you are having storage issues, you just need to check how much space is used by Google drive & photos and then free up the extra space. Deleting large files in your photos and Google drive can free up the space for emails. 

  • Check your settings and make sure your upload quality is set to high quality.
  • In case you’ve edited files make sure to delete a previous version and clean up space by clicking the X button.

Solution 2: Find and Delete Big Emails 

Generally, emails are small, just 50 kb. But there is a chance you can accumulate big emails containing images with a size of 25 MB. 

 In order to Free up Space in Gmail, you need to follow certain steps. 

  • Navigate to email search and write larger:20m. This will find emails that are larger than 20MB in size. 
  • Pick any size that you want 5 MB to 1 MB and 10 MB. This way you will find all the large emails in your inbox. Delete them to free up space in the inbox. 

Solution 3: Empty Space and Promotions 

Gmail has more than 2 tabs for quite some time now. Though all the important emails come in the primary area, inbox, there are other tabs like updates and promotions. 

Please note; most of these emails are useless and therefore, when you run into low space, delete them. 

Solution 4: Find Old Emails & Delete Them

It is obvious you don’t need to keep old conversations. It is a good idea to delete them. 

Move to the email search bar and type “older_than:1y”. Once you have got sorted emails, delete the ones that you want. 

Solution 5: Buy Some Space 

This is considered a hassle-free solution for all the Gmail users. Google charges a price of $1.99 for 100 GB storage. 

You can even subscribe to a $9.99 plan that gives 1TB of storage space. 

Final Verdict 

With the above-mentioned solutions, you can Fix Gmail storage full issues in an easy and time-saving manner. 

Hope this post is useful for you. Drop your valuable feedback in the comment section below.