AOL email client comes with amazing features and utmost security to send and receive emails. But sometimes it tends to frustrate users with issues like AOL Not Sending Emails. Since this can hamper AOL users’ important piece of work. We have brought this valuable guide to help them out. In this post, we will discuss all the possible reasons responsible for the problem and effective ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Major Reasons Why AOL Not Sending Emails

Below we are going to list out the reasons which will help you further find the solution for each cause. 

  • You’re using an outdated version of the browser.
  • Error in the mail account settings.
  • Might be an issue with firewall or security software.
  • Maybe there is a problem with the attachments or images included in that email.
  • Pop-up software prevents AOL from working properly.
  • RAM issues.
  • Might be the recipient has blocked your email address by mistake.
  • Typing mistake in the recipient email address. 

Effective Solutions to Fix AOL Not Sending Emails Issue

You can give hands on these simple fixes to troubleshoot issues in a prompt manner. 

1: Restart Your Computer 

At times you encounter AOL mail not sending emails, first of all clear your RAM and restart your computer. This will give your system enough space to perform well. 

Here are steps you need to follow: 

  • Remember to save your work and then restart your computer.
  • Open the web browser you use and log in to your AOL account.
  • At last, try sending emails again. 

2: Ensure to Check AOL Email Sending Limit 

Crossing the sending limit can be an issue to fail you to send AOL emails. So, when you fail, go and check you haven’t crossed today’s limit for sending emails. 

Note: AOL has a limit not only for the number of emails but size of attachments too. 

3: Enable HTML or Rich Text in Your Mail Settings 

When you enable rich text or HTML AOL mail not sending problem can be solved. 

4: Switch to another Browser 

Either try updating your browser or switch to a different browser.  Downloading a new browser or updating the existing one can resolve the issue. 

5: Check AOL Display Name 

The faulty display name can prevent users from sending emails. Go through the email settings of your AOL email account and adjust the email settings. 

6: Make Sure to Clear Browser Cache and Cookies 

When you clear the browser’s cache and cookies your browser will go back to its original state. Clearing the cache will resolve problems like pages not loading, outdated pages or freezing issues. 

7: Check if there is Issue with Your AOL Email Account 

When you receive an error such as 554 6.6 0 error sending a message for delivery AOL, there is failure of sending emails from that particular Account. Try these steps to solve the issue. 

  • First, open your browser and Log in to your AOL email Account.
  • Try composing your email and click “To” and then type in your email address.
  • In case you receive the email in less than 5 minutes, everything is okay, in case there is an issue, go for advanced troubleshooting. 

8: Disable the Firewall Settings 

When you encounter AOL mail not sending emails issue, disable firewall or antivirus and then try sending emails from your AOL email Account. 

9: Give Correct Answer to Images Challenge 

Make sure to complete the image challenge by answering correctly. In case you fail to send emails even after completing Captcha or image challenge correctly, go to security settings and secure your AOL email Account. 

In Conclusion 

Hopefully, you have understood the basic reasons behind AOL mail not sending emails problem and accurate ways to troubleshoot the same.