AOL is a free email service that offers a wide range of features such as un-send feature, an AIM panel and a lot more. But since nothing is crystal perfect; it can also run into problems that can trouble its users. AOL mail login problems are something that can happen unexpectedly and make users unable to access their Account. 

Here, in this post we will talk about all the problems that are responsible for login errors along with the solution to resolve them. We recommend you to go through it and learn the instructions carefully. 

General Troubleshooting Steps to Solve AOL Mail Login Problems

To come out of the annoying errors of AOL email login, you can try these quick fixes. 

  • First of all make sure you have a strong Internet connection. In case there is an issue with your network, switch to another – a better one and then retry to sign into your AOL email account. 
  • If there is an issue with your browser, clear the entire history, all the caches and saved cookies to resolve it. Also, if there are pop-ups and extensions, make sure to disable them.
  • Make sure to enter the correct credentials. If you forgot the correct password, reset AOL password by following the steps below. 
      1. Visit first.
      2. Enter username and then hit “Next”.
      3. After that, click on the option “trouble signing in”.
      4. You can reset your password via two options; one email address and other through phone number. Whatever you choose, you will get a verification code there.
      5. Just enter the verification code and you can set a new password. 
  • AOL Mail Login Problems can be due to the antivirus installed on your system. So, disable them and try to login again. 
  • There can be a chance that the firewall installed on your device is blocking some unknown sites and therefore, you need to change firewall settings. Here are steps to make changes.
      1. Move to control panel/windows settings and find the search box and type windows firewall in it.
      2. Hit the option “Allowed Programs” and make sure has been allowed. 
      3. Now, uncheck the box for web filtering options and restart your browser. Then try to sign in again. 

Possible AOL Mail Login Problems Along with Their Solutions 

List of problems and their solutions are provided below. 

1. Authentication Error 

When there is an authentication error, users get a Blerk Error 1 message and they lose their right to access the account. The incorrect browser settings or old and outdated browser can be responsible for it. 

Your first job includes – Fix Issues with Browser

It is often a better deal to use browsers such as Google, chrome or edge. Use the steps given below to add AOL to trusted sites. 

  • First of all, click on the Tools and then navigate to internet options. 
  • Hit on the security tab.
  • Select trusted sites option and click on sites.
  • Find “Add this website to zone” and type and click on Add. Press OK then. 
  • Finally, restart your browser and see if the issue is resolved. 

Second Job – Enable Protected Mode 

  • First, click on tools and then navigate to the options menu.
  • Click on the security tab and internet option then.
  • Now, choose the checkbox for Enable Protected Mode and then hit on the Trusted sites icon. 
  • Finally, again choose the checkbox for Enable Protected Mode and then restart the browser.

 Third Job – Try to Run Internet Explorer in No Add-ons Mode 

  • Go to Start and choose the All Programs option.
  • After selecting Accessories, click on system tools. 
  • Now, select Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) from the list. 

Last, Adjust browser settings

Make sure your browser has correct security settings. 

2. AOL Login Site Fails to Work 

There can be a chance that you have bookmarked an older link and it is now not working due to the changed made. 

Note: Ensure to update your browser from time to time. 

3. AOL Mail Not Loading 

Blerk Error 4 appears and mails fail to load. Here are tips you can follow. 

  • Restart your browser; refresh the device you’re using and try to login.
  • Issues like outdated pages, websites freezing and pages not loading happen due to full storage. Therefore, make sure to clear the caches. 
  • Sometimes firewalls can be responsible for the issue. So, disable the web filtering options and ensure access to is enabled. 

4. AOL is not working on iPhone

  • Ensure you have the latest version of iOS software installed.
  • Try to solve the issue by restarting the mail app.
  • If problems persist, first delete and then re-install AOL mail app.

4. Authentication Error with Third-party Apps 

To login, third-party apps require entering a password. In case 2-step verification has been activated, you need to generate an app password to access AOL mail account. 

In the above post, we have discussed almost all possible AOL mail login issues and provided solutions based on them.