Today, email accounts are the most basic need for online presence and AOL as an amazing email service comes with lots of features and functions to help users.  But despite offering so many benefits, AOL is not hundred percent flawless. Users go through AOL Mail Attachment Problems and they look for a perfect solution in regard to fixing it. This post is all about some common mail attachment issues along with the right practical solutions to fix them effortlessly. 

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Most Common AOL Mail Attachment Problems Users Encounter 

Below we have listed some of the common problems AOL users face while sending/receiving AOL mail attachments. 

  • AOL attachment not working/loading.
  • Fail to send or receive AOL email with an attachment.
  • AOL email attachments not opening.
  • Attachment fails to download.
  • Attachments not visible in AOL mail.
  • PDF attachment fails to open in AOL. 

Once, you get to know the cause of problems, it becomes somewhat easy to fix them. 

Solution on Can’t Open/Received Attachments on AOL Email 

Are you facing AOL email attachment problems while opening the received emails with attachments? Find below the quick and simple troubleshooting methods to come out of it. 

1. Restart Your PC and then Try Again

Just go and restart your PC and then try to open and download the attachments you have received with your AOL email. The restart process will clear RAM and offer you a fresh start to download attachments.

Please note; if you can’t open attachments, try using a different device or send to someone else and ask to download that particular attachment. 

2. Make Sure to Download the Attached Files Properly 

Partial download of files tend to create issues, therefore, make sure to download the entire files properly. 

In case there is an image file with the attachment 

  1. First have a preview of the image. 
  2. Click on the download arrow then.
  3. Make sure to download completely. 

Once images get downloaded, you can view them in my documents section. 

3. Check You have Correct Software for Downloading 

AOL mail attachment problems can occur if there is absence of proper software. In case you don’t have accurate software, it is obvious you get an error that the file type is identified. 

So, we recommend you to keep the right software as per file attached in your email. 

4. Try Quick Restore To Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems

Utilize Quick restore to fix AOL email attachment problems right away. It will help troubleshoot almost all the issues that are responsible for attachment troubles. 

  1. First of all, move to the start menu.
  2. In the search bar, type system.
  3. Select AOL system information then, followed by quick restore.
  4. Finally, click on OK and then close. 

Solution on Can’t Send/Attach AOL Email Attachments 

Let’s understand why such AOL Mail Attachment Problems occur and how to get over the issue. 

1. Make Sure to Check the File Size Limit of Attachment 

As a matter of fact AOL offers 25 GB of space to add attachments and therefore, you need to follow the prescribed attachment files limit. In case you’re sending a larger attachment, ensure to split them into smaller parts and include them in different emails. 

2. Attachment File Link is Failing to Work 

Is file link not working? Switch your browser or just try some fixes to resolve the issue. 

3. Issues with Internet Connection and Browser Problems 

A proper internet connection is required to send emails that include attachment in it. So, if you’re having the issue; fix it first and then try sending the mail again. 

When it comes to send attachments, the outdated version of the browser might fail to perform well. Since some browsers need regular updates, you also need to make sure your browser has recent updates installed. 

In a Nutshell

Above all, we have discussed several troubleshooting methods to fix attachment issues in AOL email. Read them and follow carefully while ensuring you are having proper internet connection, updated browser, software and other basic requirements. But, if you still face this problem you can contact AOL support team.