Hacking of email accounts is one such thing that every AOL user gets stuck into once in a while. The users get frustrated when they lose access to their Account due to forgetting password or AOL mail hacked. If you’re struggling with the same, this post is a resolution to your problem. In this guide, we have tried to put together almost every useful tip which you can try to come out of the problem. 

The first thing is how will you get to know someone has access to your email Account i.e. your account has been hacked. Sometimes it happens that people have your password and thereby they have gained access to your AOL email Account. 

Few Indications Showing That AOL Mail Hacked

  • You are encountering issues while logging to your AOL email Account. 
  • You find your AOL email inbox cluttered with lots of spam messages.
  • Emails sent with bulk attachments.
  • Undelivered message failure in the inbox.
  • AOL email Account setting changed and spam filter removed.
  • Sent, inbox, deleted and spam folders get deleted.
  • You found strange messages in drafts or sent folder.
  • Even though you’re signed in to your email Account, you keep getting offline. 
  • You are not getting any new emails.

If you find the above indications, there is a chance your account has been hacked. In that case you need methods to recover a hacked AOL mail account. Below we are going to provide some effective tips which you can utilize at times your AOL account is hacked. 

Tricks You Should Follow When You Find AOL mail Hacked

  • When you find your account has been hacked, the first step you can take is “change your password”.  Passwords play a vital role in the protection of your account, making it strong and unique.
  • In case you have already installed antivirus software, update it. If not, install antivirus software and run frequent scans. This will keep your system free of malware. 
  • Make changes to your AOL email Account security question.
  • Ensure to check your display name while ensuring it doesn’t include letters AOL or aol.
  • Go and review your signatures.
  • Move to emails and check messages from your Account. Ensure the hacker has not added any spam.
  • If you are having trouble and you can’t recover a hacked AOL mail account, feel free to contact the help team of AOL email client. They will surely help you out. 

In which Case You get Spam Emails from your Own AOL Email Account 

Due to spoofing you might receive emails /spam mails from your own email address. Spammers make use of this technique to send emails while hiding their identity. In order to resolve the problem, go through the steps mentioned below. 

  • First of all, report the mail.
  • Ensure to change your existing password and make a unique and strong password.
  • Move to the address book and delete your email address from there. 
  • Make sure to scan your computer so as to get rid of malware.

Final Note

I hope the above-mentioned tricks have helped you in dealing with your concern i.e. AOL mail hacked Account. Use the steps carefully and say goodbye to your issue.